Baluran,East Java,In indonesia

Baluran,East Java,In indonesia


Baluran National Park, East Java
Baluran National Park Indonesia is one of interested place in Banyuwangi known as the green savvana with various animals in this park. Baluran Safari Park located in Banyuputih regency and Wongsorejo Situbondo, Banyuwangi East Java, Indonesia. The name of the national park is named after the mountain located in this area, namely Mount Baluran. Gate to enter the “Baluran National Park” is located at 7 ° 55’17.76 “S and 114 ° 23’15.27” E.

Baluran Safari National Park is representative of dry forest ecosystem in Java, It consist of savanna Vegetation Types, Mangrove Forest, Monsoon Forest, Coastal Forest, Lower Montane Forest, Swamp Forest and Evergreen Forests throughout the year. Approximately 40% of savanna vegetation types dominate Baluran Safari area. Black soil of alluvial and volcanic soil type covers an area half the land area of low grassy savanna. The area is a very fertile area and rich food source for many species of animals grazing.

Baluran Safari Park is a widest savvana in Banyuwangi Java Island, the massive area make you seemed like in Africa. Safari Park Baluran presented in stunning real nature when hundreds of deer running toward puddle, male peacock spread its tail to attract the females, dozens of huge buffalo gallant, dozens of eagles feeding up to monkeys and macaques hanging. Not to mention the typical trees Baluran similar nut trees. Pilang the white trunked trees and lush, if you observe carefully the tree like in the movie “Avatar” as well as shady trees like banyan Bekol with magical feel.

Safari Tour activities in Baluran can be done is research, observation and wildlife attractions, as well as marine tourism in Bama Coast. Meanwhile, the facilities available in the form of office management, work cottage, pesanggarahan, shelters, road trail, viewing tower, and others.

Baluran Safari Banyuwangi is one of the nature attraction in Java Island, Indonesia. If you have planning to enjoy this tourism object, You can combine with other popular tourism that still included in East Java Island, such as Ijen Crater Tour, White Water Rafting,Semeru Climbing and Bromo Sunrise Tour, For detail of combination tour package, You can read more below.

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Baluran Safari Park Tour

If you are interested to enjoy Baluran Safari Tour, You can choose your time in rainy season because in this season, the landscape seem very green of grass and various plants. The best time to enjoy this Safari National Park is between on Mei – August and November – April. On midnight, You can also possible enjoy Milky Way Photography because the land condition is massive and not too much high trees. For detail information about Bromo Tour Package option or Tour Package price, Accommodation and facility, You can visit Our Contact.