Rajegwesi Beach, Beautiful In Banyuwangi

Rajegwesi Beach, Beautiful In Banyuwangi

Rajegwesi Beach, Beautiful In Banyuwangi

Rajegwesi Beach Banyuwagi located in the middle of village, Exactly in Serangon village Pesanggaran Subdistrict, Rajegwesi Banyuwangi is the main entrance to Meru Betiri National Park from eastern side. It is one of the interested Beach that have been Banyuwangi Tourism and also has interested history to visited. In Rajek Wesi Coast, You will able to see the beauty of nature along the shore and You can enjoy the Bunker wherein, the Indonesia heroes had established a Bunker when they were challenging the Colonizers battles.

Rajek Wesi located around other interested place in Bayuwangi such as Plengkung Beach, Sukamade, and G-Land Beach, Pulau Merah, Watu Dodol and other tourism objects. Rajegwesi Coast has unique views than other coast around Banyuwangi. It has brown color sand and very smooth, This is caused the sand mixed with the sand that carried by river sand, until formed a unique views around Rajek Wesi Beach.

Beside the beauty of its nature and historical heritage, It also has friendly commonities who always welcome the visitors from all countries. Mostly commonities around this tourist resirt, work as a sailor. You will see colourful sailboat parking and decorated Rajegwesi Shore in western side. In eastern side of Rajek Wesi, has been let as the turtle laying its egg like in Sukamade Beach.

The scenery around Rajegwesi Beach really charming, with clean sand and also on the right side there is a cliff of rocks containing iron. As well as when the waves hit the rocks very attractive. Brownish sand, making the beautiful atmosphere of the beach.
The brownish color of the sand due to silt from the rivers that flow into this beach during floods, making the sand is brown and very soft textured.

Rajeg Wesi History
The Rock named Rajegwesi in the local language means “Iron Fence”, because of the rock contains iron ore. Reddish color that covered the rocks showed rust, as a result of the corrosion of the sea over the years.

Rajegwesi name is also associated with the sea defense system which had built Japan at the time. Wherein the word Rajeg was taken from the Java language, which means Piles. While Wesi in Indonesian means Iron. Japanese first plug the pile of rosewood (equivalent strength steel) in Gulf waters Rajegwesi.

Rajegwesi was planted at the mouth of the bay with the formation of Grasshopper teeth . Namely grown together the front row behind one another and cover the gap. This is intended to infiltrate enemies in order They were very difficult to enter in along the shore. Thus forcing the enemy ships that come to lower the anchor amid the sea.

According to the story, Japan had entered the area to bring the indigenous workers of Yogyakarta and surrounding areas. They are working Rajegwesi stuck in the mouth of the bay. Each worker is entitled to be compensated for land and settled for the supervision of Japan. But unfortunately, Rajegwesi had stolen by unknown people.

Rajegwesi coastal is a beach liaison between Sukamade and Green Bay or Teluk Hijau because of its location between of two beaches. this coast is surrounded by tropical forests that are still green and lush. Beside of Rajegwesi, There are other interested place in Banyuwangi that possible treat your saturation, Banyuwangi tourism around Rajekwesi is Plengkung Beach, Ijen Crater Volcano, Pulau Merah, Teluk Hijau, Watu Dodol and still many more.

If you are interested to enjoy Rajegwesi Beach, You can combine your vacation with other popular tourism objects in Java Island Indonesia. For detail combination tour package, You can read more below.

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